Destructuring in Ruby 3

How improved pattern matching and rightward assignment make it possible to “destructure” hashes and arrays in Ruby 3.


Use classic Rails to build rich React Redux applications with NO APIs and NO client-side routing.

Interesting project. I enjoy React for UI, but once you start needing server side data I find it hard to continue. Probably not for me, but in a pinch…

I listened to Outlived and need to go back and read the book to pull out some more details.

In the meantime, I have moved on to Kelly (and Juliet) Starrett’s latest: “Built to Move” which has me sitting on the floor reading book and writing this post.

Photo of the cover of the book, Built to Move

Component driven development on Rails with Phlex · Fly

Building applications entirely from UI components can be a great way to manage complexity in non-trivial application views…

Great list of various Programming Playgrounds.

This is more of a note for my future self: If you need to use Markdoc you place them in the public folder.


Iconify makes it easy to avoid vendor lock-in. You can use many open source icon sets with a large choice of open source icon components. Thousands of high quality icons from 100+ icon sets, all validated, cleaned up, optimised and always up to date.

Twitter API

Corporate platforms always fail, given enough time. The Twitter API had a good run. Now the deck is clear, and there’s room to make some new stuff…

JavaScript import maps are now supported cross-browser

With import maps, importing ES modules now becomes a lot better.

Creating Custom Rails Generators

Rails generators can help remove friction from spinning up new ideas, but you don’t have to limit yourself to the included generators. You can also create custom generators as long as you’re familiar with the available APIs and know where the speed bumps are.

npx depcheck

Depcheck is a tool for analyzing the dependencies in a project to see: how each dependency is used, which dependencies are useless, and which dependencies are missing from package.json

Hat tip to Wes Bos for this one.

MacGPT is a fantastic way to interact with ChatGPT on your Mac.

Even better, there is an excellent menubar option you can wire a keyboard shortcut to.

MacGPT MenuBar Screenshot

A bit slow for a service, but faster than me. Safurai

Safurai is the AI Coding Assistant that saves you time searching, changing, and optimizing code.

I ran some tests converting CoffeeScript to regular javascript, and the results were great.

One of the shortcuts I have missed from vim in VS Code: Alternate Files

Join the KickoffLabs affiliate program

We (@kickofflabs) now offer a 30% lifetime commission on all referrals.

Suggestions for consuming less social media:

  1. Delete the apps from your devices. They only exist to suck you in. Your browser works perfectly fine
  2. Use FeedBin - Those I follow and don’t want to miss a single tweet/toot are all waiting for me on my schedule.


Kredis (Keyed Redis) encapsulates higher-level types and data structures around a single key, so you can interact with them as coherent objects rather than isolated procedural commands. A declarative DSL can configure these higher-level structures as attributes within Active Models and Active Records.

A game of spotting the hidden cancel link.

semi-hidden cancel link

My other Remote Ruby listen on a way too cold morning March walk was with Ken Collins about using AWS Lambda with Rails.

See Lamby

How did I not know that typing a single “.” on GitHub would open the entire project in VSCode.

Great discussion on The Remote Ruby podcast about CodeSpaces to take this even further.