Scott Watermasysk Husband, Father, and KickoffLabs co-founder. Interests: basketball, bootstrapping, keyboards, training, and Building new things


Scott Watermasysk, looking rad

This is my (Scott Watermasysk) personal site.

I am a bootstrapped business founder & advocate, ruby on rails developer, husband, father, sometimes basketball coach, and appreciator of fine keyboards. I love to build things.

I have worked at startups (we call them small businesses on the east coast) for nearly 20 years. This site is a collection of what I am working on, learning, and find interesting.


KickoffLabs - I guess a project is a stretch since this is also my livelihood. 😀 KickoffLabs is a platform for growing your business with viral marketing contests. I have been working on it for about 11 years (March 2011), and it is still going strong.

ThocStock - A tool to find the best in-stock custom mechanical keyboard products

How I VSCode" - A simple way to share how you are using VSCode.

My Blog - Short posts (hopefully a couple of times a week or more) of what I am learning and finding interesting.

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