Scott Watermasysk Husband, Father, Bootstrapper, Developer, Builder, Shipper.

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I am a bootstrapped business founder & advocate, ruby on rails developer, husband, father, sometimes basketball coach. I love to build things.

I have worked at startups (we call them small businesses on the east coast) for nearly 20 years. This site is a collection of what I am working on, learning, and find interesting.

I am @scottw on Twitter and can be emailed at

Recent Posts

Introducing Jekyll Rest

Executive Summary - Jekyll Rest allows you to publish to a Jekyll based site which uses Github as a repository.

Mar 11, 2019

Better Jekyll Excerpts

When you use the built-in excerpt feature, Jekyll returns the first paragraph of text. It does this by looking for something called the excerpt_separator. The excerpt_separator defaults to \n\n, which is ideal for most short posts.

Feb 12, 2019

Unlimited Software Does Not Exist

In software, nothing is unlimited. You can market and sell your product without any limits, but when it comes to computing, there are always limits.

Feb 06, 2019