Scott Watermasysk Husband, Father, Bootstrapper, Developer, Builder, Shipper.

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I am a bootstrapped business founder & advocate, ruby on rails developer, husband, father, sometimes basketball coach. I love to build things.

I have worked at startups (we call them small businesses on the east coast) for nearly 20 years. This site is a collection of what I am working on, learning, and find interesting.

I am @scottw on Twitter and can be emailed at

Recent Posts

Dank Mono

I switched1 my main programming font last week from Fira Code 2 to Dank Mono. Check out if you want to see if I stick with Dank Mono ↩︎

Oct 07, 2019

Select Multiple Fields With Fauna

I am thinking of using Fauna for my next small side project and began experimenting with it last night. I wanted to return two fields from a document, but I could not get the syntax correct.

Sep 26, 2019

Using Google Fonts Tailwind CSS

Here is a quick overview of adding a Google font to your Tailwind CSS powered site without allowing Google direct access to your site.

Sep 20, 2019

Vcr And Chromium Updates

I noticed today that VCR was reporting a request I was not expecting1. If you are not familiar with VCR it caches requests in your tests. I have it configured to only allow pre-approved requests. This unapproved request will cause the related tests to fail. ↩︎

Sep 16, 2019