The Only System is Hard Work

It has been quite a while since I have watched anything by Gary Vaynerchuk (apparently I missed the first 100 episodes of the DailyVee).

I could do without the constant F bombs, but otherwise it is a great video. What I like most is that unlike most of those hyping entrepreneurial systems, Gary’s focus is always on the work and hustle.

Too many are trying to sell ebooks, videos, and now apparently web courses which try to paint the picture that there is some kind of universal system to all of this. Even worse, for most their only ‘success’ is the thing they are trying sell.

I do firmly believe you can have a lot of success and build something really interesting without taking to Gary’s level. I want to see KickoffLabs continue to grow, but I personally need to be much more present. It really comes down to your goals. One size in business clearly doesn’t fit all…but you won’t get anywhere without doing the hard work.

Recommended App: Blogo

I am not going to BS you and say this will cause me to write more often….but if I do end up writing here more often it is likely because of Blogo.


It is available for MacOS and iOS (iPhone and iPad) and is free for a single blog. Out of the box it has support for WordPress, Medium, and Blogger.

One very nice touch is how well it handles your clip board on iOS. It can tell the difference between a link, YouTube embed, and an image (I am assuming it knows more, those are just the ones I have come across).

So far, my only gripe is you need to hold the publish/save button on iPad. This wasn’t obvious to me and caused me to lose two posts.

However, a quick email to support and they cleared it up quickly and let me know they are working on a better workflow.

You can enable more blogs and some other features for a $5 a month subscription.

If you want a nice way to update your blog from an Apple device, I definitely recommend giving Blogo a try.

Rails CSRF

When Rails protect_from_forgery Fails was an eye opening post.

I will open up the black box and show how, in some situations, the protection might fail to protect your applications.


The previous default behavior was certainly not what I expected. The good news, the fix is rather easy, just set ‘with: :excpetion’ on protect_from_forgery.

NBA 2016 Predictions

It’s boring, but I don’t see how anyone can beat the Warriors this year.

Having said that, I think there is much more of a chance that the Warriors do not make the finals than the Cavs…there is really no one in the East which pose a threat.

MVP – Russel Westbrook
Rookie of the Year – Brandon Ingram
Scoring Champion – James Harden (not enough shots for both Curry and Durant)

World Series 2016

My prediction…Cubs in 6. I would have gone with the Indians if they did not have a long break. It just kills momentum.

Regardless of break/logic, I would be pulling for the Cubs.

Golden State Tickets

Looked into getting tickets for the Warriors at MSG[1]. For three tickets + fees it was easily going to be over $1,000.

NYC isn’t your average market, but I would bet tickets to see Golden State are going to be expensive everywhere.

[1] Keep in mind, the Knicks are at best a .500 team in Eastern Confernece.