Scott Watermasysk Husband, Father, Bootstrapper, Developer, Builder, Shipper.

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I am a bootstrapped business founder & advocate, ruby on rails developer, husband, father, sometimes basketball coach. I love to build things.

I have worked at startups (we call them small businesses on the east coast) for nearly 20 years. This site is a collection of what I am working on, learning, and find interesting.

I am @scottw on Twitter and can be emailed at

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😀 Emoji Prompt

In my shell prompt, I typically keep things very simple. Just the current folder I am in and the git branch.

Aug 02, 2019


I was reading this post on Hash#fetch, and it reminded me of another lesser used/understood method on Ruby’s Hash object, new.

Mar 25, 2019

Multiple Heroku Environments

When you have multiple environments for an app on Heroku each command you execute requires you to pass in the -a (–app) flag with the app name. Heroku app names need to be unique not just for you, but for Heroku as a whole. This means the app name might not always be as memorable as you would like. KickoffLabs is actually broken up into three separate apps which further complicates things (6 total app names).

Mar 25, 2019