Scott Watermasysk Husband, Father, Bootstrapper, Developer, Builder, Shipper.

About Me (Scott!)

About Me (Scott!)

Hello, I am Scott Watermasysk, and I am the most blessed man on the planet.

I live in New Jersey with these three amazing women.

I am the co-founder of a self-funded business, KickoffLabs (we make lead generation via viral contests easy).

  • Graduated from Rutgers
  • Spend many years in the .NET/ASP.Net world, but now code almost exclusively in Ruby.
  • I believe the world would be better if people spent more time doing creative things (note: creative is much more than just art).
  • I drive to many dance classes.
  • I still play basketball when my body (and family 😃) allow.
  • Software is what I was born to do professionally.

I have not had a resume of any kind for at least the 15 years. But here is a quick summary of where I have worked/built/etc.

2011-present - KickoffLabs, Co-Founder

This blog is (or will be) full of what I have learned and what I am currently learning. It has been a great ride and one that I expect to continue for quite a while.

2003-2011 - Telligent

I had been building .Text/DotNetWeblogs in my spare time (pre-children!). I still remember Rob (Howard) telling me in an elevator he was leaving Microsoft to start a company and wanted to know if I wanted to work on .Text full time….I jumped at the opportunity.

I started as the developer on what became Community Server and eventually end up with titles like VP of Development, Architecture, etc.

This was my first real taste of VC money and what it can do (good and bad) to a company. My team grew from just me to 20 (probably more) people over the seven years I was there. It was a fun ride, and I met many great people along the way.

2001-2003 - .Text, DotNetWeblogs,

I do not remember why, but at some point, I decided to build my blog engine and eventually started hosting a lot of blogs on a web site called DotNetWeblogs.

In hindsight, I can see some enormous missed opportunities which I will chalk up to capricious youth.

  • I had no concept how open source worked. I had a popular project, but I failed to understand how to let others contribute.
  • Monetizing blogs - I honestly thought there was no money in blogs. I was unable to see Google Ads, etc. DotWeblogs was getting very popular, and to keep costs in check, I moved the site over to and let Microsoft foot the bill.

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is you are dumb and make poor choices. :)

2001-2003 - Besler/Innovative Health Solutions

This was my first real software job. I was skeptical of an offer from a company using a .biz domain extension, but I jumped at the chance to be a full-time developer. I still do not fully understand what we were building at the time, but I learned a lot. I will always remember how approachable the founder/owner of the company was to everyone there.

1998-2001 - Consumer Health Sciences.

I started as a market research analytics. Quickly learned I was not going to be able to out research many of the Ph.D. types I was working with, but I could automate a bunch of things and tackle way more data than they could. Ended up building my first real software product (called Blue for some strange reason) while there. It was a horrible set of tools duck taped together (Excel, SPSS, Stata, and an ASP.Net app based on IBuySpy). In hindsight, it was all you need to know about software. If you solve real problems, customers will overlook just about anything.

Note: There was a brief 9 month stent at KPMG during my tenure at CHS. This made it clear large companies with complicated politics are not for me. At KPMG I got to do a lot of interesting data analysis (strategy, competitive analysis, M&A).

Thanks for stopping by. Please let me know if there is something I can do to help you be more successful.