I am about to hit year 12 (or maybe 13) on KickoffLabs. The main things I am working on these days:

  1. Moving the main app to Rails 7
  2. Finishing up our new developer site which will allow us to officially launch V2 of our API and more.
  3. Cleaning up the code base and working to remove some third-party dependencies.

Personal Projects

ThocStock - ThocStock is still going strong. The affiliate revenue pays its bills. The mechanical keyboard market has settled a bit, so it feels like an opportunity to add some calmness to the site and perhaps focus more energy on educating about purchases.

HowIVSCode - HowIVSCode helps share what extensions and configuration settings you use on VSCode. The site has been going strong for years. I am hoping that, at some point shortly, I can begin to display some aggregate statistics.


Blogging - Back in the day, I wrote all the time. I have had a strong desire to get back to that flow.

Training/Fitness/Health - I have made health a top priority in my life, and I now feel like it is a habit that will stick. I may share more about what I am doing on this site.


Some things I am hoping to spend more time on:

  1. Hotwire/Stimulus/Reflex - I have dipped my toes into what can be done with Javascript in Rails apps, but I want to spend time digging in.

  2. ToDoOrDie - The Todo app I have always wanted to exist. 💀

  3. Reading - So many books on the list. Starting with “The Practice” by Seth Godin