I am Scott Watermasysk. This is my personal site of things I find interesting and useful. I have been working (and founding) start-ups for the last 20+ years.

I am currently the co-founder of KickoffLabs. My core tech stack these days is Ruby, Rails, and Javascript, but I also spent 10+ years working with ASP.NET and C#.

Outside of code and work, I am a lucky husband and father of two extraordinary young ladies.


  • Even 20+ years in, I still enjoy learning new ways to build products and bring ideas to life.
  • Big fan of the Sixers and Eagles.
  • Love typing on and building custom mechanical keyboards
  • Enjoy training and eating right more than most people. I have been digging into longevity and how exercise and diet can play a leading role.


Current Projects

  • Kickofflabs - My current employer and primary source of income. KickoffLabs is a platform for growing your audience with giveaways and contests.
  • ThocStock - A listing of the best in-stock mechanical keyboards parts
  • HowIVSCode - The easy answer to the question, “How are you using Visual Studio Code?”

A Summary of My Career

  • I spent my first 4+ years working at Consumer Health Sciences and KPGM. At CHS, I worked on the consumer side of Pharmaceutical research. At KPMG, I worked in the internal strategy group. While at both, I got back into programming (something I had done as a kid).
  • I eventually made my way to a group called Innovative Health Solutions (part of Besler at the time). I had my first real software job working on various products in the medical billing space.
  • While at IHS, I was bitten by the blogging bug and built what I believed was the first ASP.Net blogging app. This app eventually became .Text and was the first open source project I ever worked on (although, at the time, I did not fully grasp the concept of open source).
  • .Text was a great creative outlet and led to the creation of DotNetWeblogs. DotWebWeblogs grew like crazy and was eventually spun into weblogs.asp.net, allowing Microsoft to cover the hosting costs (silly me, I should have just sold ads, but oh well).
  • Through weblogs.asp.net and other community activities (ASP.Net MVP program, Insiders, etc.) I met Rob Howard, and at some point, he told me about an idea he had for a new product called Community Server. This would allow me to work on .Text (and more) full-time. I jumped at the chance and joined Telligent Systems in 2004.
  • I spent seven years at Telligent working on Community Server and related projects. I held titles from Sr. Developer to VP of Architecture. Looking back now, I had various reasons to leave Telligent, but in the end, I just wanted to try building a company on my own.
  • In 2011, I left Telligent and started working on a new KickoffLabs. KickoffLabs is a marketing platform for growing an audience using viral giveaways.

Technology Summary

  • I was lucky enough to grow up in the 80s with a computer in my home. Our school library had various computer magazines, and I would spend way too much time copying various basic programs into the computer. It started with a TI-99, and I think an HP followed.
  • At some point, I naively decided basketball was more important than computers, and I took a break from programming until after college.
  • At my first job out of college (CHS), I quickly learned that I could not out-research the PHDs I was working with. However, I could use some basic programming background to automate some of the more mundane tasks and eventually be able to process data faster than they could. One of the other researchers at CHS pointed me to Visual Basic, which ultimately led to ASP.
  • I was starting to get “dangerous” with ASP and eventually found ASP.Net (well, ASP+ at the time). I decided it was a chance to get in on the ground floor of something new and jumped in with both feet.
  • I spent the next 10+ years working with ASP.Net and C#. I was lucky enough to be part of the Microsoft MVP program, I was recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director and more. I met many great people because of .NET and am still very thankful for that.
  • When it was time to start KickoffLabs, I needed a technology change. There was absolutely nothing wrong with .NET, and we could have built the same product with it, but I wanted to try something new. I dabbled with Ruby and Rails for a few years and decided to go all in. I have not looked back since.
  • These days, it is mostly Ruby and Rails for me, with some sprinkles of JavaScript via Stimulus/Hotwire.
  • On the database side, while I spent many years working with SQL Server, it has been all Postgres and Redis for much of the last 10+ years. It is hard to see a world without using either of these daily.
  • Rails has been good for me, but I have been experimenting with Svelte, which has just the right amount of magic to be something I could work with in the future.

About this Site

  • Wow, you made it to the bottom!
  • My blog/personal site has taken on many forms. It has run on everything from .Text, Graffiti, Ameba, WordPress, Octopress, Jekyll, Eleventy, and now Micro.blog.
  • Long-form writing is ideal, but I have started to work towards better capturing the small things that I would typically just tweet about or share with friends