You lost me at “Growth”

Does this stuff really work for people?

I have no objectsions to a cold email/intro/etc, but have some guts and try to actually sell yourself on something tangible.


Very odd icon choice by Apple. I get that this represents my ‘shopping bag’, but clicking on it is the only way to login to your account on the home page without scrolling to the footer.


Estimates are Hard

Sat down at my computer with the goal of making a quick change to a background worker.

My internal clock said “This will take 10 minutes”.

Four commits later, at least 85 minutes had passed*.

Felt like 10 minutes time went by.

Estimates are hard.

* Didn’t plan on timing this, not exactly sure the duration between starting and the first commit, but it should have actually been just a couple of minutes to get it started.

Clickbait and the Candy Diet

Great piece by Seth Godin, The Candy Diet:

Clickbait works for a reason. Because people click on it.

College Football Players Sitting Out

I generally agree with almost everything said by Kirk Herbstreit, but he is super wrong on this one.

While I get players skipping their bowl game-what happened to LOVING the GAME & wanting to compete 1 more time w/ your boys-Disturbing trend

Someone who gets paid because of the work done by these players should not be criticizing them for them putting themselves and family first.

This is a trend that is going to continue and won’t change until players are actually compensated. The reality is outside of the playoffs, the bowls are a waste and generally are not that entertaining. In a perfect world playoff would expand to 8 teams and everyone else just heads back to class December 1.