Harden will not be missed in Philly. It was hard to imagine him getting a big payday from Philly after the choke job against the Celtics (minus two amazing games).

    I hope they ship him to the Clippers and give them another often-injured player for the end of the season.

    NFL Playoffs 2023 Week Three Pics

    I was 4-0 in money line pics and 3-1 against the spread (my concern about that Chiefs was correct).

    This week:

    • For the Eagles, -2.5 feels like a gift.
    • For the second game every thing logical points you to the Bengals. The Bengals have owned the Chiefs the last 3 times, Mahomes is hobbled at best, and now there is news Kelsey may be slowed down as well. At one point during the week you could even get the Chiefs at +1.5. I kick myself for missing those odds, but even at -1.5, something just tells me they are going to pull this one out.

    NFL Playoffs 2023 Week Two Pics

    I was 5-1 last week on the money line. I sadly picked the Bucs not because I thought they would win, but because I despise the Cowboys.

    With the spread, I was 3-3 with the Ravens and Bills (and Bucs) letting me down. The Bills inparticular cost me nice tease I had no business winning anyway.

    Week 2 Pics:

    • The Chiefs like to play with their food, so the -9 scares me, but I think they are going to be ready. So I will take the Chiefs to cover.
    • Eagles need to make a statement. -7.5 feels a couple of points too high, but lets roll with the favorites.
    • Bengals - I not only expect them to cover, but I think they will win.
    • 49ers - Have I mentioned how much I hate the Cowboys…the Eagles and 49ers are on a collision course. I expect the 49ers to win by much more than 4.

    NFL Playoffs 2023 Week One Pics

    Here are my pics for round 1 of the playoffs

    • 49ers (-9) over Seahawks - It looks like 49ers hit a moonshot with Purdy.
    • Jags over Chargers - Jags +1.5, the money line is tougher. Both coaches are gamblers, but Peterson has actually won in the past.
    • Bills (-13.5) over Dolphins - 13.5 is a significant number, but I doubt this one will be within 20 points.
    • Giants (+3) over Vikings - The Giants will win and do not need the points.
    • Ravens (+9) over Bengals. - The Bengals will win since the Ravens cannot score, but 9 is too many points. If it comes out that the Ravens hate Lamar, I could be swayed.
    • Buc (+2.5) over the Cowboys - My hate for the Cowboys might cloud my judgment, but they have not looked great. My guess is the Cowboys will win, but it is close because Dak is Dak.

    Zion and Embiid moving like big men should not be able to move.

    If Zion learns to finish with his right, he will drop 40 a game.

    Aaron Judge is Back

    Aaron Judge is Back!!!

    Aaron Judge answered baseball’s burning offseason question Wednesday, agreeing to a nine-year, $360 million contract to remain with the New York Yankees, sources confirmed to ESPN.

    I do not follow baseball much (season starts in late September?), but I am excited to see Judge back.

    In today’s terms, this feels like it will be a painful contract in the future. However, as media rights continue to increase and average salaries climb, it may not be too bad. Not to mention the fact the Yankees quite literally print money.

    With USC losing to Utah, we are one TCU loss away from a Big10 vs. SEC show down in the college football playoffs.