Here are my pics for round 1 of the playoffs

  • 49ers (-9) over Seahawks - It looks like 49ers hit a moonshot with Purdy.
  • Jags over Chargers - Jags +1.5, the money line is tougher. Both coaches are gamblers, but Peterson has actually won in the past.
  • Bills (-13.5) over Dolphins - 13.5 is a significant number, but I doubt this one will be within 20 points.
  • Giants (+3) over Vikings - The Giants will win and do not need the points.
  • Ravens (+9) over Bengals. - The Bengals will win since the Ravens cannot score, but 9 is too many points. If it comes out that the Ravens hate Lamar, I could be swayed.
  • Buc (+2.5) over the Cowboys - My hate for the Cowboys might cloud my judgment, but they have not looked great. My guess is the Cowboys will win, but it is close because Dak is Dak.