I was 5-1 last week on the money line. I sadly picked the Bucs not because I thought they would win, but because I despise the Cowboys.

With the spread, I was 3-3 with the Ravens and Bills (and Bucs) letting me down. The Bills inparticular cost me nice tease I had no business winning anyway.

Week 2 Pics:

  • The Chiefs like to play with their food, so the -9 scares me, but I think they are going to be ready. So I will take the Chiefs to cover.
  • Eagles need to make a statement. -7.5 feels a couple of points too high, but lets roll with the favorites.
  • Bengals - I not only expect them to cover, but I think they will win.
  • 49ers - Have I mentioned how much I hate the Cowboys…the Eagles and 49ers are on a collision course. I expect the 49ers to win by much more than 4.