Steamed Vegetables

    I mentioned yesterday that I enjoyed the Starrett’s chapter on eating in Built to Move. I have been on a high protein kick for a while but was not always getting the 800g recommendation from the book.

    I changed that with a set of microwave bowls (I already owned) called AnyDay (see I am sure there are other similar products out there, so search around (avoid plastic ones), but I enjoy these (do not buy the small ones, the size is not practical).

    What I like about them is you can throw just about any vegetables in them and have them steamed in just a couple of minutes. I start most days with about 200-300g of broccoli and cauliflower.

    I had seen them recommended by Chef David Chang. I am unsure if he is an investor or a fan (my guess is he is getting paid), but they are beneficial either way. He mentions cooking meat and fish in them, but I have yet to go that far. However, they do an excellent job of reheating almost anything and make for some easy rice and oatmeal dishes.

    No referral/affilate here. I am only mentioning them as a recommendation to help you get some more vegetables in your diet quickly. šŸ˜

    Anabolic Sky High French Toast

    My take on the Jersey diner classic breakfast. Roughly 360 calories and 36g of protein.

    About 7x less calories than original and likely 2x the protein. On taste it is a about 85% there.