Outside of social media, email, music, and maps, here are my five most used/essential iOS apps:

  1. DueApp - Their tagline, “Never forget anything, ever again.” It works similarly to reminders, except it consistently reminds you to do something until you set it as done. It has excellent scheduling, snoozing, and more. It syncs perfectly across all of your devices. My only request would be Siri integration.

  2. Edit - The name makes it impossible to find it in the app store without a link. It is a scratch pad for your phone (actually, it looks like there is a Mac app as well). Its only fundamental feature is an option to highlight everything for quick copying. If you find yourself writing a longer text on a screen without enough space, hop over to Edit.

  3. Tot - “Tot is a simple app. It lets you collect & edit text on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. As mentioned before, I adore Tot and can’t recommend it enough.

  4. MyFitnessPal - I only use it to track calories, but it is the best app I have used for the job. The premium features are pricey, but they help get the job done faster. Should you or shouldn’t you track calories is a post on its own, but with this recommendation, you can see where I stand. šŸ˜„

  5. FeedBin - I guess this borders on “social,” but it is my list. Feedbin has been my go-to RSS reader for the last couple of years. Besides feeds, it allows you to easily follow Twitter accounts and subscribe to newsletters. This keeps your inbox tidier and keeps me out of the Twitter apps.

A little more on the Feedbin + Twitter integration. You may be thinking everyone’s Twitter feed has RSS (I think…). This integration goes a bit further since it makes it easy to open a thread and see replies/etc.