Nathan Barry (on Twitter this morning)

I worked on ConvertKit for 3+ years before we made enough for me to take a salary. Sometimes things worth building take a long time. Keep going.

There is a fine line between being persistent vs. irrational. Do I need to give this a little more time? Or am I wasting time on something that may never work?

There is no true answer to this paradox. I have mentioned in the past there were numerous times in KickoffLab’s history that I rationalized that this might be a nice side hustle and thought about moving on to something else. But then the business grew a bit more, and it was again a good idea to keep moving forward.

My assumption, in general, is that far too many jump ship too soon for fear of wasting time and money. The hallways and dinners at most MicroConfs are full of failed business stories in the one to three-month range.

Sometimes you just need to be irrational for a bit longer….but not too long. šŸ˜