Fog was thick as hell today.

    Finally made the autocomplete for IRB in Ruby 3.0 readable with my Dracula color scheme. All it took was changing the terminal’s definition of Cyan. Hopefully, this will be configurable in the future.

    A nice 20 point comeback win for the @Sixers to start the sports Christmas weekend.

    Delayed Elon Jet

    At this point, this is just a sad obsession. Public data or not, this person’s 15 minutes of fame has dragged on about 14 minutes too long.

    A cappuccino cloud.

    Confused. Do I not have access to quality conversations today?

    Twitter asking if I want to pay for quality conversations

    Sunday Ticket to

    I am looking forward to this. NFL streaming is a mess, and it is next to impossible to watch your favorite team consistently with today’s setup. $300+ is steep, but I am in for sure.

    What’s on my desk? - An Onyx with GMK Botanical

    Store Model

    StoreModel gem allows you to wrap JSON-backed DB columns with ActiveModel-like classes.

    My only caution with it is querying. But it looks very appealing for data you typically only read and want to keep the tables/migrations to a minimum.

    Original Tweet on the unoriginal Toot.

    Overheard at home:

    7yr old: Mommy, can I come with you to pay the gold digger?

    The actual context makes this far more innocent, but what’s the fun in that.

    An Overview of a Successful Dev Education Product Launch

    I am not typically a fan of the “Look at how much I made doing X,” but this is a terrific overview of what went into the launch of a “successful” developer education product.

    A Guide to Ruby Equality

    equality in Ruby is not straightforward. There is #==, #eql?, #equal?, #===, and more. Even if you’re familiar with using them, implementing them can be a whole other story.

    Ruby 3.2 IRB

    The need for Pry continues to decrease.

    I saw Scott Hanselman’s post on using your own domain for Mastodon discoverability.

    Instead of adding a webfinger file, I added this redirect on Netlify:


    Longer term, there is likely some benefit to hosting the file yourself, but this gets you rolling quickly today.

    I’ll be back with Ivory, but for now, it is time to increasingly minimize time on the birdsite.

    Slightly less dramatic with the expiration in April. 🫢

    Good Bye Tweetbot

    Twitter Followings OPML Export

    Get websites and RSS Feeds of the people you follow on Twitter. Import the OPML-file with your favorite feedreader.

    My recommendation is still FeedBin.

    Most SaaS apps with a free(mium) tier obscure the free option.

    Interestingly, puts it right in your face.


    Free SVG icons for popular brands

    Promotion of Alternative Social Platforms Policy

    …going forward, Twitter will no longer allow free promotion of specific social media platforms on Twitter.

    It is an absolute clown show at Twitter HQ.

    A good futbol start to the football day (weekend with yesterday’s three games).

    Reason 8,343 that I hate the Celtics.

    The new CleanShot X background feature is such a nice touch for screenshots.

    It was worth a shot.

    Curry is out. Sixers and Warriors with a 3-point shooting contest in the first quarter.

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