Products Are Art

Justin Jackson on ‘Keep Making Things’: But as product people, we’re different. We build things for others. Our purpose is to make things people want. There is art in what we do, but it springs from a different well. Our inspiration comes from outside of ourselves. We’re inspired by watching people, and noticing what they […]

Bold and Badass

Great story about paying it forward. Love this quote: Thank you for being bold and badass everyday. Firefighters Pay It Forward

Why Software Developers Have a Shorter Life Expectancy

Some quick setup: I was adding some caching to KickoffLabs. My driver of choice is Mike Perham’s Dalli. On many of our models we use hstore and store_accessor for fields we not expect to query…and in most cases this field is named ‘settings’. Although this is a Rails app, we have Sinatra (1.3.3) in our […]

Learn to Code With Me

We (KickoffLabs) are opening up our first full time developer position. This position will involve working on our core production, KickoffLabs (viral lead generation and contests). What might not be as obvious from the job listing… This is a remote position. We have no official offices, although a candidate in northern New Jersey or the […]

KickoffLabs Bounce via Genesis

KickoffLabs recently release a new exit intent widget called KickoffLabs Bounce. It has been a major hit with our customers. I wanted to take a couple of seconds and show you how to set it up in WordPress via a Genesis theme. 1. First, go to your KickoffLabs dashboard, select your campaign, and create a […]

The Follow Up – Never Assume No

Microconf 2015 was a great event. My biggest take away this year was on follow ups by Steli Efti. …if they don’t respond at all I will keep pinging them until they do. It is so easy after one or two none-response to assume the answer is no, not interested, or similar. How do you […]