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Duet Display

Turn your iPad into a second monitor! The app, once you get it installed, is great1.

The install steps and experience is not exactly Apple like, but the end result is borderline magical.

  1. Ex-Apple Engineer tagline his horrible.Β ↩︎


# - Feb 05, 2019

Think Simpler

For my β€˜shorts’ feature, I wanted to remove some of the friction publishing multiple times a day to a Jekyll blog.

My first thought was using the Github API. This involved getting a user token, understand the API, grabbing my content, using the API, etc. Then it hit me. The tool I was using to publish the post was local only at least for now. So instead of going through all the Github API hoopla, I just write to git.

Publish to Git

This version took all of 2 minutes to do (most of which was spent googling the -C flag).

# - Feb 04, 2019

Updating 1Password on OS X

I noticed 1Password had not been updated in a while. The background helper is too quick to restart before the AppStore can finish the installation.

The fix is to β€œsuper quit” 1Password with command+option+control+q (⌘βŒ₯βŒƒq).

# - Feb 04, 2019

Insomnia REST Client

I have used Paw as my local API client for a couple of years, but recently switched to Insomnia. I am finding Insomnia much simpler and intuitive to use.


# - Feb 02, 2019

Tailwind and Stimulus: Declarative Done Right

It dawned on me today that TailWind and Stimulus is (if you squint hard enough) the declarative experience Microsoft tried to bring to market with the early versions of ASP.Net.

# - Feb 01, 2019

Git From Outside the Repo

You can use the -C flag to execute git commands from somewhere else on your computer:

git -C /some/other/path status
# - Feb 01, 2019


Built a little utility app with Stimulus. Set up was a breeze with the Webpacker gem.

Definitely something worth checking out.


# - Jan 31, 2019

Embracing Constraints

This is something I constantly struggle with when it comes to software.

At this point in my career, I can build just about anything given enough time. However, it often means I can get in my own way of just getting started.

This blog is a prime example. I have been going back and forth on how to mix quicker short form posts and longer content in my head for years…but once I just embraced the constraints of an existing product, I was able to finally make some progress.

# - Jan 31, 2019

Zone Vision

Zone Vision is a handy way to view DNS settings in your browser.

It is also easily sharable via a link which makes it a great tool if you have to support customers making DNS changes.


# - Jan 31, 2019

Night Owl

A handy OS X menu bar app to quickly toggle in and out of Dark Mode. Also has an option to do it at a set time and sunrise/sunset.


# - Jan 29, 2019


Finally signed up on It is still all new and fresh, but I love the flow of the site. Plus, it is fast to navigate and use.

As of now, I regret waiting so long.


# - Jan 28, 2019

Netlify CMS

Not the most obvious setup instructions and not sure how well it will scale as the amount of content grows, but it should remove some friction in writing these little shorts.


# - Jan 25, 2019

Company of One by Paul Jarvis

Finally gave up trying to read it (kids!) and bought the audio version.

Superb book and fits well with own model for growing a business long term. Recommended.


# - Jan 24, 2019
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