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Corrupting Google?

I wonder if the rocket growth of less than scrupulous companies like Facebook and Uber is ultimately what cost Google to lose its “don’t be evil” way.

You see them quite literally printing money, stealing your best talent and you start to think, why not us?

# - Feb 13, 2019


I am continually impressed with what can be accomplished with Zapier. It is very polished, has great support, and is an ideal way to link together multiple services.

Yesterday I was able to help a customer wire up a brand new integration using two simple webhooks.

The first took a webhook from the customer’s ‘form vendor’ sent the data Zapier. The next webhook was from within Zapier and posted back to KickoffLabs. All in, it took less than 10 minutes to set up (and most was trying to figure out how to use the customer’s form vendor).

# - Feb 12, 2019


gotop is an activity monitor for your terminal. You can install it in a couple of seconds via homebrew:

brew tap cjbassi/gotop
brew install gotop

Works great and I have love the vim inspired keyboard navigation.


# - Feb 09, 2019

Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/readline/lib/libreadline.7.dylib

This was a horrible way to spend a Friday afternoon. At some point, I installed something via Homebrew that borked/updated readline.

I still do not understand the issue 100%, but my best guess is ruby gems with native extensions were failing because of the dependency change. How it happened? Computers!

Re-installing Ruby (rbenv install ruby_version) seems to have addressed most of the issues (also needed to update bootstap to a newer version).

Wish I had a better recommendation for how to fix it and why it worked, but hopefully this is start for others.

# - Feb 08, 2019

Sparks of Joy - 1

Here are some nice newish things for me:

  1. @ScoutAPM - Simple and effective app performance monitoring
  2. @zeithq (now) - I am just scratching the service, but impressed the zero to useful experience
# - Feb 08, 2019


I saw this little doozy as recommend code for (Ruby) API access:

http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE

This effectively disables SSL checks and is not something anyone should be recommending….ever.

# - Feb 07, 2019

❤️ Stimulus

I don’t get the fuss over React Hooks (likely since I have yet to touch React). 😎

I am surprised there is not more written about Stimulus. It is the first thing I have seen in years that I wish we had as an option when we started KickoffLabs.

# - Feb 06, 2019

A Couple of Months with Grammarly

Grammarly had a great deal around the new year on the paid plan. I am certainly not the best endorsement for a grammar/spelling product, but it has helped me quite a bit.

I find it helps me get into the zone more since I am not as worried about cleaning up what I write.

The out of the browser tools/integrations still need work, but overall it is very helpful.

# - Feb 06, 2019

Ruby Lonely Operator

Ruby 2.3 introduced a feature called the “Lonely Operator” (which I somehow missed until recently).

Instead of:

user && user.address && user.address.street

You can write it like this:


# - Feb 05, 2019
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