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Proxy with Curl

I was working on some reverse proxying today, and I could not for the life of me figure out which headers I needed to make it work.

I would go to the server, make a change, then go to the browser and refresh and so on and so on…

Then it hit me; I was making this way to complicated. An easier solution was to use curl. Two minutes later, I was up and running.

curl --header 'Origin:'

Origin (and X-Forwarded-Host) are common, but different servers/apps have various requirements. Using curl like this makes it far faster to test out without having to reconfigure your server.

# - Mar 07, 2019


There are many GUI database tools available. TablePlus caught my attention because it supports so many different types of databases (especially PostgreSQL and Redis).


# - Mar 06, 2019

Fire Code’s Retina

About a week in and I am still loving Fire Code’s Retina typeface. I have already eliminated DejaVu. I still need to spend a little more time with Hack before declaring it the winner.

# - Mar 05, 2019

Spotify Focus >

I have been an off and on subscriber to It is a good app but has some connectivity issues.

Instead, I have been using Spotify’s Focus genre. It has more consistent access, a wider variety, and it is something I was already paying for.

# - Mar 05, 2019

Are these your kind of people?

The most important question you should ask yourself before you start a new business: Are the people already in this market the type of people you want to help be successful?

Vitamin or medicine? B2B > B2C. Can you charge more?

These are important and need careful consideration. But these questions are minor compared to asking yourself is this where you want to spend the next decade? Are these my kind of people?

# - Mar 05, 2019

🏫 DotFiles & White Space

I could spend hours reading dotfiles. I always learn something new.

Highlight trailing white space in vim via

`set list listchars=trail:.,tab:>.’ ‘highlight SpecialKey ctermfg=DarkGrey ctermbg=Black’

# - Mar 01, 2019

📖TIL: Terminal Command with an Editor

via @bphogan’s excellent Small, Sharp, Software Tools: type ⌃x ⌃e and it will open the current command in your favorite editor.

Once you save your changes the command will execute. 💣

# - Feb 28, 2019


Recently started using the Gruvbox theme.

I love that it has both a dark and light option. It totes itself on being better at contrast than Solarized and I have to agree (well, at least it feels better looking at it).


For both the dark and light options I felt most comfortable with the hard option for contrast. For dark, soft and medium where OK. For light, on hard worked.

Mixing it in withe Fire Code Retina and everything feels brand new.

# - Feb 27, 2019

Kung Fu

The money line: “The 10,000th biggest company in the world is a very successful company, as is the two-person company where the founders each take home $300k/year.”

We need more discussion on success not being equal to absolute revenue and team size


# - Feb 27, 2019


A dark theme for just about everything. If “dark” is your jam and you want Vim, Alfred, ZSH, iTerm, etc. to all match, this is a great theme.


# - Feb 27, 2019

Ruby - Who Called This Method?

I wanted to add a header on all my PostMark emails. Instead of manually editing each method, I dropped this one-liner in.

headers["X-PM-Tag"] = caller[0][/.*’/][1..-2]`

Now, each email gets tagged with the current mailer method.

# - Feb 26, 2019


This has been on my list to play with forever. Sequel provides a nice mini layer directly on top of SQL. Sometimes all the setup to use an ORM is not worth it. The setup for Sequel is simple and there are lots of extras for things like models and migrations if you need to go to that level.

# - Feb 25, 2019

🤘 Multiple Step Zapier

My first time using Zapier for multiple steps. Never realized you can use the data from multiple steps in others. This makes Zapier infinitely more useful than before (and I was already a big fan).

# - Feb 25, 2019
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