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TIL: rel=noopener

I was curious to see what Lighthouse thought of my new blog.

Initial Lighthouse Score. Perfect, except the best practices section.

With almost no JavaScript, minimal CSS, and few images, I was expecting a good score.

Everything was perfect except for best practices which was a 93. Not the end of the world, but I was curious.

The message under best practices was:

Links to cross-origin destinations are unsafe Add rel="noopener" or rel="noreferrer" to any external links to improve performance and prevent security vulnerabilities

At first, I read this as linking to external sites was unsafe. 😁 Clicking the learn more link explained what was going on:

When your page links to another page using target="_blank", the new page runs on the same process as your page. If the new page is executing expensive JavaScript, your page’s performance may also suffer.


On top of this, target="_blank" is also a security vulnerability. The new page has access to your window object via window.opener, and it can navigate your page to a different URL using window.opener.location = newURL.

Ah, so it was the target='_blank' I had applied to the social links at the bottom of each page…and WTF, it has access to the process and window.

Google’s recommended fix was to use rel="noopener". However, target="blank" is very unnecessary and quite frankly, rude1. The better fix is to simply remove them all together.

Updated Lighthouse Score. Perfect across the board.

  1. If your visitors want something to open in a tab/window, they can do it on their own. Do not pollute their brower space with your tabs. ↩︎