Recommended App: Blogo

I am not going to BS you and say this will cause me to write more often….but if I do end up writing here more often it is likely because of Blogo.


It is available for MacOS and iOS (iPhone and iPad) and is free for a single blog. Out of the box it has support for WordPress, Medium, and Blogger.

One very nice touch is how well it handles your clip board on iOS. It can tell the difference between a link, YouTube embed, and an image (I am assuming it knows more, those are just the ones I have come across).

So far, my only gripe is you need to hold the publish/save button on iPad. This wasn’t obvious to me and caused me to lose two posts.

However, a quick email to support and they cleared it up quickly and let me know they are working on a better workflow.

You can enable more blogs and some other features for a $5 a month subscription.

If you want a nice way to update your blog from an Apple device, I definitely recommend giving Blogo a try.