I started a new stretching routine (6 in total). One stretch involves sitting cross-legged and working towards getting your face to the floor. Another involves working towards raising your hands to 120 degrees behind your back.

I still have quite a bit of work myself to do, but 7-year-old decided to do 2 of them perfectly at the same time right next to me.

Seven Year Olds are Flexibile

Let’s Go!

Pain in stocks

On my desk - The beautify J-01 decked out in GMK Dracula.

As much as I love the look of this board, the layout isn’t for me. 😢

J-01 with GMK Dracula

Hit my first fitness goal of the year by climbing 33K feet on the treadmill in January. Technically there were another 900 feet that my watch could not sync.

Climbed 34,286 feet

In the voice of Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) - “You call that a macropad? This is a macropad.”

A bit trashy today, but will look great when filled with GMK Mictlán novelties and artisans.

Why can I not view staging? Oh yeah, I did this.

Git comment point back at me.

I have enjoyed using the Ruby Test Explorer extension for VSCode.

It is nice to have some tests re-run on every save without messing with Guard.

NFL Playoffs 2023 Week Three Pics

I was 4-0 in money line pics and 3-1 against the spread (my concern about that Chiefs was correct).

This week:

  • For the Eagles, -2.5 feels like a gift.
  • For the second game every thing logical points you to the Bengals. The Bengals have owned the Chiefs the last 3 times, Mahomes is hobbled at best, and now there is news Kelsey may be slowed down as well. At one point during the week you could even get the Chiefs at +1.5. I kick myself for missing those odds, but even at -1.5, something just tells me they are going to pull this one out.

The @sixers defense has been abysmal, but they are in this game because Denver is soft.

I thought Denver had a real chance to win the championship this year, but I don’t see them getting past the second round.

Just say no.

If you must go off script at WaWa a splash of Irish Cream in the regular or Cuban is acceptable.

Lots of great little PostgreSQL date tricks by @robconery

Using PostgreSQL to Handle Calendar Data Like a Freak - YouTube

I use Grammarly every day. But another useful tool to clean up your writing is Hemingway Editor.

A daily email on what’s new with AI | The Neuron

The cat’s guide to AI. Short reads, with enough treats and context to keep a kitten happy.

A modern alternative to the tree command - tre

  • lists directory structure in a tree-like diagram, like the classics.
  • skips ignored files in git repositories per .gitignore setting.
  • output in colors, respecting LS_COLORS settings when they exist.

Damn it. I was going through a stack of papers in my office, and I, too, found some classified documents.

Sorry. Calling the FBI now.

I have been working on a new KickoffLabs trial experience today and I have typed trail more times than I can count. Copilot has caught on seems to be helping push me in the wrong direction.

Once GMK Chaos Theory ships, I may need to pick up this PCB.

If you work in an office, this is a great way to keep others from using your keyboard.

a mirrored 60% keyboard PCB.

Finding and Fixing Files in Git with Mixed Case

I cloned a repo with a couple of files that were duplicated because of case sensitivity. Git was nice enough to warn me about them, but I couldn’t remember which files where an issue.

Two of them became a problem and were fixed, but I was sure there were more than two when I cloned the repro.

I found this excellent script to highlight and fix the problem files: git-detect-case-change

My playoff Mona Lisa.

NFL Playoffs 2023 Week Two Pics

I was 5-1 last week on the money line. I sadly picked the Bucs not because I thought they would win, but because I despise the Cowboys.

With the spread, I was 3-3 with the Ravens and Bills (and Bucs) letting me down. The Bills inparticular cost me nice tease I had no business winning anyway.

Week 2 Pics:

  • The Chiefs like to play with their food, so the -9 scares me, but I think they are going to be ready. So I will take the Chiefs to cover.
  • Eagles need to make a statement. -7.5 feels a couple of points too high, but lets roll with the favorites.
  • Bengals - I not only expect them to cover, but I think they will win.
  • 49ers - Have I mentioned how much I hate the Cowboys…the Eagles and 49ers are on a collision course. I expect the 49ers to win by much more than 4.