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News To Me 1

In the first issue of It’s News To Me1, I present some interesting Jekyll links.

  • Minimal Mistakes - Cleanest full featured Jekyll theme I came across. I wanted to go super simple, but if I ever decide to turn it up a notch, this looks great.
  • StaticMan - Enable users to contribute to a static site. Uses a pull request workflow to help users contribute in a structured way.
  • Netify - I mentioned them in my setup post. An interesting service for building static sites with goodies like easy AWS Lambda integration, continuous integration, and more.
  • Jekyll Compose - command line tool to help move around Jekyll faster. Still not sure why something like this isn’t built in.

Speaking of Jekyll Compose, I wanted to simplify the new post command with an alias, so I wrote the following function2:

function jpost(){
  cd ~/play/blog
  bundle exec jekyll post "$@"
  1. the name is a work in process ↩︎

  2. update the ‘cd line’ for your own path or leave it out to use on many sites ↩︎