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News To Me: Netlify Edition

Time for another round of It’s News To Me. Today is the Netlify edition.

I continue to be impressed and amazed with Netlify. It reminds me of when I started to use rails (in 2011). I would find myself trying to hack something together without searching for an existing gem first. In the end, I would quickly realize I wasted time-solving a problem that already had a solution1.

  • Netlify - Just putting this out there. It is NET-LI-FY and not NET-IFY. If I talked to you about this service before the new year, I very likely told you the wrong name.
  • Snippet Injection - This is listed under Post Processing in your site’s dashboard. It provides you an option to inject a script into document’s head or body section. This is a nice way to keep your analytics/etc out of your local development environment as well as out of Git for public projects.
  • Environment Variables - you guessed it, you can set environment variables. Under Continuous Deployment, there is an option to add one or more key/value pairs. I recently switched to using a theme based on this Jekyll Tailwind starter kit. To minimize and remove unwanted CSS I needed to tell Jekyll when it was built in production.
  1. Although in hindsight I did eventually learn that jumping to another gem causes problems on its own. ↩︎