Lessons from MicroConf 2013

I have been to a lot of conferences over the years.

Never, have I left a conference so excited to implement things that I have learned. Once I am able to secure my ticket to MicroConf 2014, I will recommend any bootstrapped attends[1]. Until that time, ignore it…it isn’t worth it. 🙂

Here is a list of my main take aways (a post on each in the coming weeks):

Lesson 1: Cash Flow and Yearly Billing
Lesson 2: Always Be Emailing
Lesson 3: Long-tail Marketing
Lesson 4: Your Family is Along for the Ride
Lesson 5: Picking the right market for you
Lesson 6: Charge More
Lesson 7: Identify Problems
Lesson 8: Copy “You”
Lesson 9: Sell to Businesses not Consumers
Lesson 10: Do things that don’t scale
Lesson 11: Will you buy it vs feedback.
Lesson 12: Sell a Solution

[1] If you are Europe, be sure to check out the first ever MicroConf Europe.