MicroConf Lesson 2: Always Be Emailing

This is part 2 of my Lessons Learned at MicroConf.

Developers, geeks, and technical people in general over exaggerate the death of email.

A very common theme from MicroConf 2013 is importance of email to your business. Building a list, providing value to your subscribers, and figuring out ways to leverage it to bring in more revenue.

While many of the speakers spoke about email, I am going to highlight Patrick McKenzie’s talk, Building Things To Help Sell The Things You Build since we (KickoffLabs) have already had great success implementing many of his suggestions.

Patrick has an excellent email marketing course, ‘Lifecycle Emails‘, which we purchased right after he released it (I was on his list and obviously bought into what he was selling).

We used it as a guide to build LandingPages107.com. We were a bit skeptical at first, but the list has slowly grown and has lead to a small, but steady stream, of customers for KickoffLabs. Best of all, now that it is built, it is largely hands off.

You can expect to see another similar course or two from us in the coming weeks.