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Here are some external posts, videos, podcasts and more that I found interesting.

For now, I am using this primarily to switch Mac OS X space, but it is an efficient change.

Maarten Dekkers on how to create Gerber files from a DXF so you can easily order FR4 plates.

FR4 might be my favorite plate material these days, which is great since it is so cheap.

An easy way to share your favorite mechanical keyboard products.

If you have to Regex, do it with a great tool.

If you are on PostgreSQL 12 and Rails, this is a very quick way to add search to your app.

Hat tip to @excid3's Rails talk. I had been looking for a good autocomplete library for a tag input field. This works super well.

A cross-browser @mention engine written in ES6, no dependencies.

A listing of all GMK sets with base kits available for immediate purchase.

Fantastic overview of various mechanical keyboard switches. Only a couple listed now but looks like it is growing.

Once you become aware of how much keycaps can vary, it is something you can not unsee. This is the best overview of the differences I have found.

I needed to control speakers plugged into my monitor via a Display port cable. SoundSource worked flawlessly and provided a lot of additional control.

This is a well done overview of using the new (experimental) pattern matching in Ruby 2.7.

Great stuff. I still have so much to learn.

Remove an app (and it's related files) from your Mac in one easy step.

Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt.

I am hoping to work my Emoji Prompt into it in the future.

Quick and Simple Jumping Text Selection.

The inner and outer selection options (⌘ + K + (,),{,} ) do not appear to work in Ruby. Still, this is helpful for multiline edits.

Reminds me of the 10-year overnight success.

For most, success is every day, trying to take a step forward. Some days will be a complete loss. But on most, you should be able to see a small amount of progress. You just need to keep at it long enough.

The web restore option never works for me. This free app makes it simple to create a bootable OS X install disk.

My personal framework for doing static sites.

A generated column is a special column that is always computed from other columns. Thus, it is for columns what a view is for tables

This is why it is so hard for many to launch a second product. You jump ahead to what you know will eventually be the answer, but chances are you just do not need it yet.

Easy forms without TailWind.

I do not think I have set up a cron job in years without visiting this site first.

10 years ago, I would have not expected to be trying to extend a JavaScript class.

Still, if this is something you need to do, this is a great guide.

Superb way to work with colors in Alfred

I was looking for the Rubular equivalent in JavaScript (unfortunately, there are some slight differences in Regex between Ruby and JavaScript) and found Regex Pal.

Web fonts and web performance are diametrical opposites. Web fonts slow down your time to meaningful paint due to inefficient loading behavior. Web fonts are also empowering your designers to improve legibility and keep brand consistency on your web pages. Choose one: Performance or design?

Eleventy is a simpler static site generator.