Lessons Learned 1

I am trying to get in the habit for wrting things down when I learned something new. I am sure I learned a lot more this week, but here are the couple of things which I managed to write down:

Haberdashery – What a fun word. This was from the movie the Hateful 8. Not sure if I loved or hated this movie. Either way, Minnies’ looked like a nice place to visit before…(well, I don’t want to spoil the movie).

DENSE_RANK – a rank with no gaps.

iTerm keyboard navigation – control+a and control+e are great, but can be really slow for a long line. I finally found a workable solution to speed things up. Under profiles -> keys I changed the right option to ‘+Esc’. Now I can right option + f (or b) to jump by word.

Kill the query – I have been tuning some of the bigger KickoffLabs indexes on and off for the last couple of weeks. I recently made a mistep and deleted an index which appeared to be unnecessary (it was actually unnnecessary, I just needed to make a secondary fix as well). Anywho, once I realized the issue I quickly deployed a fix. Unfortunately, I forgot to kill the long running queries which had originally had drawn my attention to the issue.

Instapot – my instapot is one of my favorite recently kitchen purchases. I made a turkey breast eariler in the week which came out excellent (note: 6 lbs bone in is ideal for the 6 qt version). I also made a roast beef which came out too dry for my tastes.

Emoji Keyboard Shortuts – not sure how I did’t know this before (comamnd+control+space)