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Tokyo60 Rev3

I recently picked up the Tokyo60 Rev 3 from Drop. I am a big fan of the HHKB layout, loved the blue color, and wanted to find something that I could test new switches in without having to put strain on my M60-A.

Unfortunately, this board was a miss for me.

  1. The PCB does not align/fit well. You have to angle it to get the USB-C connector in properly as as you can see below the screws on the edges barely line up.
  2. I ended up bending quite a few switches (much more than normal). I believe this is related to the PCB alignment.
  3. The space bar had some very light rub using Rama keycaps. The same space bar in my M60 had no issues. PBT does often bow, but it felt like it was just a little to tight in general.
  4. Zero instructions - for a board that targets beginners, I do not see why there were no simple install instructions and details on how to flash the board. Digging through the Drop forums a poor experience.

There were some bright spots:

  1. The firmware was recently updated to support Via. You have to flash it first, but once it is there, customizations are a piece of cake.
  2. The underglow is nice.

If you are in the market for a starter board and like the HHKB layout, I would recommend you checkout a Tofu HHKB instead. It is a much more solid board and a better overall experience.

Finally, I do want to say that Drop made it really easy to return and get a refund. Kudos to good support.


Money shot

Not the best fit

No underglow, just the board

A look from the side with the optional acrylic add-on

One more underglow it. ;)