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I was searching for a Happy Hacking HHKB on eBay and came across a listing for KBDFans Tofu with an HHKB layout. The board looked to be in good shape and had a price much better the Happy Hacking. I figured it was a good and cheap way to try out the HHKB layout.

When I got the board, I was very impressed with the condition. The previous owner had also included some T1 switches, which I did not initially pay much attention to.

I decided to fully break down the board and clean up as much as I could.

  1. Cleaned the case and brass weight.
  2. The generic clip in stabs were replaced with Durock screw-in stabs, lubed (Dielectric grease), and band-aid modded.
  3. The T1 switches were lubed with Krytox 203 G00.
  4. I installed GMK Mito Pulse keycaps.

When I was done, two things quickly jumped out to me.

  1. The Tofu is solid. Overall, the build quality, weight, and feel were far beyond what I expected. In a perfect world, the corners would have been rounded a bit, but for the price, you cannot go wrong.
  2. The T1 switches lubed sounded much better than I expected. Up until this point, I was in complete denial about lubing switches. That changed immediately.

For better or worse, I decided to test a business hypothesis around selling semi-custom keyboards. It sold pretty quickly, which is a shame. If I could go back, I would have kept this board.

Sound Test


Money shot

T1 Switches.


PCB with some pretty stabs

PCB Hotswaps

Shiny brass weight. It can be moved to the other side

GMK Mito Pulse

Mito Pulse Keycaps (none have ever been used)

More GMK Mito Pulse keycaps

Black USB-C to USB-A cable