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Sinc Milkshake

Build Facts

SM Keyboards
Acrylic (3mm)
Sinc 75 by
Key Caps
Kat Milkshake
Banana Splits lubed with 205g0, thin TX films, and Sprit 68g slow extreme IIs.

The Sinc is 75% split PCB by I have been itching to try a split keyboard. I thought it would be interesting to commission an acrylic case by SM Keyboards to match Kat Milkshake.

Visually, the case exceeded my expectations. Although it is a 75% design, with macro columns on both the left and right, it is 96 keys[1]. All of these keys make it easy to show off everything Kat Milkshake has to offer.

Unfortunately, at the moment, I am not enjoying the split design, and the overall size of the board is not something I am into these days[2].

The biggest surprise on the built has been the Banana Split switches. The sound profile of them is a bit deeper than a typical JWK. If I decide to move on from the board, I will seriously consider desoldering them.

I am still intrigued by a split design, but it might be better to try something a bit smaller the next time.


Money shot

Semi-Nude :)


  1. Well, with my configuration. ↩︎

  2. The tricky part of the keyboard hobby is that by the time something arrives, what you value might be completely different. ↩︎