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Portico 75

Build Facts

Portico 75
Key Caps
JTK Night Sakura

Quick Disclaimer: sent me this keyboard for free to review. I was given permission to give it away once the review is complete, so please check out ThocStock for the giveaway details.

Short Answer: The Portico 75 packs a lot of value into its $139 price point. I typically do not use keyboards with an F-row[1], so this is not a keyboard I would personally purchase/keep. However, if the layout works for you, for well under $250, you can have yourself a keyboard that feels and sounds quite nice.

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Side profile

Money shot

RGB - You really do not see the per key with good ABS keycaps

  1. Of all the keyboards I currently own, zero have an f-row ↩︎

  2. Typically, most mechanical keyboards use the unified open source daughterboard by aio3. This daughterboard is widely available. ↩︎