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The NK65 is NovelKeys entry-level aluminum keyboard. It is an excellent option for your first custom board:

  1. Well constructed, very easy to assemble, and has a hot-swap PCB.
  2. Arrows - The only keys people often miss on their way down to 60%'s are arrows.
  3. Via - QMK is fantastic. But even though tools like Configurator and QMK Toolbox have made it easier to customize your board, there is still a steep learning curve. Via (at least when I first wrote this) is one of the cheapest boards with Via support built-in.

I built the board with Turquoise Tealios and GMK Dolch keycaps. Unfortunately, at this time, I was still in denial about lubing switches and did not enjoy the Tealios. I have since come full circle and love a lubed Tealios. Capricious youth. ¯\\_(ツ)_\/¯

The stabs are included, and plate mounted. Including stabs is nice, but the plate mount is a bit of a let down. They can be lubed and sounded pretty good.

The RGB backlighting is super bright. When I was initially testing the PCB, I could barely glance down at switch holes. Thankfully Via made it trivial to disable quickly.

The GMK keycaps all but muted the RGB, but as you can see in the pictures below, the Turquoise Tealios look great all lit up.

This board was the other one I included in a semi-custom sales experiment. Just like the Tofu, I regret selling it. It is an excellent board for the money, and it comes with a nice travel bag. The NK65 would have been an ideal board to take with me when I was away from home. V2 has been announced, and I plan on grabbing one and trying to right my wrong.


Money shot

Nice case. I honestly did not know it shipped with this.

Turquoise Tealios Switches

Look out, I am lit!

Packed and waiting for you

All the included keycaps