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Switch Couture Mysterium

Build Facts

Bi-Frost acrylic case designed by Switch Couture
5mm acrylic
Key Caps
GMK Dots
C3 Tangerine Switches (67g). Lubed with 205g0 (105 on the springs) and thicc filmed
C3 Screw-in stabilizers, lubed with 205g0

The Mysterium is a TKL through-hole produced by CFTKB. It is the much bigger sibling of the Romeo (and slightly larger sibling of the Discipline).

The case was expertly designed and built by Switch Couture. It consists of five layers of stacked acrylic. In addition, there is an included a 5mm acrylic plate that holds the switches nice a snug.

The Mysterium itself is a WK TKL, but the case was designed to be WKL because this is the way.

I was trying to decide between Tealios and the Tangerines for this build. I thought the aesthetic of the clear Tealios would be an excellent way to go with the bi-frost acrylic case, and I love the feel of them. However, the Tealios sound is not as good as the Tangerines in my testing, so I went good feel and great sound over great feel and dull sound.

There is no real reason to match your switches and stabilizers. However, if you can do so, then go for it. So once I decided on Tangerines, the using orange C3 stabs was a no brainer.

I lubed and filmed switches about a week before I started to do the final build. I noticed that many of the switch housing had started to become loose after sitting in the bucket they shipped in for a week. I am not sure if it was just my batch of switches, the films, or whatnot, but I was concerned that any switch that was not appropriately surrounded all sides by the 5mm acrylic plate would eventually push open. So, I pulled out the films for the stabilized keys (2x shift, enter, and backspace). The Thicc films might not have been an issue, but it was an easy pre-solder change to make.

After the switches had been soldered, I grabbed a pair of rubber gloves, a small vacuum, and tried to assemble with the least amount of dust and fingerprints as possible.

Some final thoughts:

Sound Profile


Money shot

Reflecting light

Mo light, mo probelms

Bright light (I think in the sun)

All the Dots!

Dots and switches

More Dots and switches

This is a red Switch Couture Lube Station, but kind of matches the orange switches

Tangerine Switches in their natural habitat

Rows of tangerines

Mo Tangerines

More rows of Tangerines

Vaporware - I could have lived with, but the darker GMK Dots fit better.

HANDAREBEIT+! - I was not a big fan of this

Even the M10 likes GMK Dots