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Mono Rama M60-A Build

Build Facts

Rama Works M60A Seq2 Milk
Rama Hot-swap
Key Caps
GMK Oblivion Monochrome with the Hagoromo alphas
Mauves lubed with 205g0 and spring swapped with THic Thock MPs
Purple Durocks (via NK)
Custom cable by SummitCable

The main reason I bought the Rama M60-A was the Jony Ive (all white) build. The initial build turned out great, but after a while, it was starting to feel a bit sterile, so I decided to mix things up a bit.

The keycap change was 100% aesthetics. It was just nice to switch things out. The Hagormo alphas are a much softer white than GMK Minimal, and I think it worked well. The Monochrome[1] base set is great and will find it's way without the white alphas to a keyboard shortly.

For the deskmat, besides the design, the other benefit was the size. I had previously been using the Rama Canvas XL. The Canvas materials are top-notch, but despite the XL name, it is quite a bit smaller than your typical NovelKeys (and Dixie/etc.) deskmat. And of course, the design is great

Finally, the real star of this rebuild was the switches. I have enjoyed the Mauves. I started out using them unlubed, and they were pretty good right out of the bag and had a nice deep thock. Once lubed, they got considerably smoother, but at the cost of some of that before mentioned thock. I also took the opportunity to try out some Thick Thock 68g progressive springs. I am not if my touch is sensitive enough to feel the progression, but I liked them none the less. I am curious if there will be a more noticeable change with a heavier spring, so I ordered the 74g. I will report back in the future when they make it to the US.

This board is still an absolute joy to use, and I have my eye on the next build already. 😃


Money shot

Money shot 2

The back weight is great. The reflection view is my new favorite.

Side profile. Please ignore the mess, I liked the shot.

Crooked angle shot

Great lube station. Super fit.

The Mauve breakdown

Thick Thock Springs (I lost the extra if you found them please let me know)

Close up of the reflection

Complete look at it on my desk

  1. The different colors legends on the regular and git base do not work for me. ↩ī¸Ž