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Mira SE

Build Facts

Mira SE
Hiney FR4
Hiney h87a
Key Caps
Modern Dolch
Marshmallows lubed with 205g0 and 105 on the springs

The Mira SE GB originally ran back in 2017 around a time I thought $100 was a steep price to pay for a keyboard.

Lucky for me, I found someone who had purchased three of them (not sure why) and had yet to build it. So although it was technically three years old, it had not yet seen the light of day.

Overall, it is a solid board. Both in terms of usability and weight[1].

My only real gripe with the board is the front height. I do wish it was a couple mm shorter. It is still usable, but certainly not my last TKL.


Money shot

Full Body


More underglow


All the parts

Can you tell I enjoy the underglow?


So many finger prints. I need to retake this

GMK Oblivion - Not bad, but no Modo

GMK 8008 Take 1

GMK 8008 Take 2

  1. My wife moved it once on my desk and asked, why is this so heavy. 😛 ↩ī¸Ž