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MGA by SneakBox

Build Facts

MGA by SneakBox
SneakBox Hot-swap Alice
Key Caps
GMK Bleach
Durock all Poms
Durock V1

The MGA by Sneakbox is an Alice layout clone with a few notable distinctions:

  1. It is sold as an in-stock case
  2. It is budget-friendly
  3. It supports a variety of PCBs, including a hot-swap USB-C version

This MGA is the second I have owned. I had initially purchased a black V1 which served me well for a couple of months. However, you can find just about any board in black. Once the V2 was available, I jumped at the chance to snag the Cyan colorway.

The case I received was near spotless (not just $200 good....). The downside of such a dramatic color is trying to match the case with keycaps. I have a couple of white keycap sets on hand, but that always feels like cheating to go with a white set.

Initially, I settled on Mitocons. The beige caps with purple legends looked great. However, on a whim, I decided to try GMK Bleach and found the brightness of WS2 to be an excellent complement to the Cyan case.

My biggest gripe with the MGA is the lack of alignment pins. The top and bottom sit together with nothing built-in to help ensure all the sides are correctly aligned.

Overall this is a solid board and hands down the best way to experiment with an Alice layout.


Money shot

MGA V2 with Mitocorn (DCP Pegaso)

Side Shot

Alu plate with all Durock poms

Macro keys with white Rama keycaps

Original V1 MGA with GMK Olivia++