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Luna en Azul

Build Facts

Luna by Ungodly Design
Key Caps
KAT DP0385
NK Blueberry
Durock clear

The Luna[1] is the first board from Ungodly Design. The design is a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.

The case is made up of two pieces of aluminum (top and bottom) and two acrylic rings. What makes this interesting is that you can choose from 10 different acrylic colors, which helps fully customize your build. The top piece is also your (integrated) plate.

First, I need to talk about the color. This blue is stellar. I again apologize for my photography skills. I am sure I am not doing it justice. I had initially ordered the silver colorway and Ungodly was kind enough to let me switch to the blue once I saw some of the first pictures on Instagram. Big thumbs up to Ungodly, Salvun, and whoever does his anodization.

When I ordered, you had a choice of an acrylic bottom insert or a mirrored stainless steel bottom insert. It looks like you can now only choose the mirrored stainless steel bottom insert today, which is excellent because it too is spectacular. This may be the best mirror in my house[2].

The actual design of the case is unique, and it is what drew me to it initially. Love or hate the side profiles; it is different. I wonder if it could have had the screws on the bottom instead of the top, but perhaps that would have made it too simplistic.

On the switches, this is the first time I am trying the NovelKeys Blueberry switches. I have to admit; when I first took them out of the bag, I had some significant concerns. They felt super scratchy, and I was not sure lube would cover it up.

Even after lubing with 3204 (and slightly heavier than usual), using the switches in my hand, they felt quite rough. If this had been a solder PCB, I probably would not have used these switches as is. However, PCB it shipped with is hot-swap, so I had nothing to lose except a couple of minutes. Thankfully, my initial assumption was wrong. They turned out quite nice in teh board. I have only been using them for a couple of days, but like creams, I expect they will get better over time. If they continue to improve, they will likely find their way into a stainless steel plate for a Mira SE build I am doing in the coming weeks.

The final part of the build is the KAT DP0385 by KDBFans. I picked up this keycap set primarily to try the Kat profile. There are a lot of GBs for Kat profile underway, but I had yet to try them myself, and I was uneasy joining GBs with no first-hand experience.

Overall, I glad I picked the set up. I do like the feel (height, smoothness, etc.) of Kat. The font on this set is awkward at best (the R, B and P keys make me squirmish), and the lack of secondary legends on any of the keys is a bit off-putting. I did not buy this set with the Luna in mind, but the bright white[3] does play very nicely with the blue board and the white acrylic ring.

Sound-wise, I am a bit perplexed. On its own, it does feel a bit hollow, but when I immediately compare it to GMK, it does not sound that far off. I am thinking I am so used to the click and clack of GMK that anything outside of that sound profile sounds off. There is a sound profile I recorded below. My only big concern now is the spacebar. It is not my favorite, but perhaps the stabilizers could use a bit more lube.

The Luna also comes with a thin layer of EVA foam, which certainly helps. There does appear to be some additional room at the top of the stainless steel insert for a bit more weight. I do not think this will make a difference, but if I may try adding a bit more and see if that does not help even the sound out a bit.

Updates and Final Thoughts

Sound Profile

Updated Luna sound profile. Kat middle rows are growing on me.


Money shot


The full moon

Sexy angle shot

Proof this colorway was designed with Blueberries in mind

Why do we include these images?

EVA foam

My quick attempt at adding a bit more foam

Nice touch by including a shout out to NASA

  1. For the better part of 7 years, I made almost monthly visits to Dallas. At least one time per trip (and usually many times) I had a bowl of tortilla soup at a restaurant called Luna De Noche. To this day it is my favorite now you know ever time I think about the Luna keyboard, I think soup, even if the two of absolutely nothing to do with one and other. 😃 ↩︎

  2. Once I learn how to properly clean it. It is a shame it is hidden on the bottom ↩︎

  3. The Kat set also comes with some orange/pink accents. They provide an interesting twist, but they did not look right on the Luna and the 7u spacebar was quit warped...PBT. 😦 ↩︎