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M60-A: "Jony Ive" edition

Build Facts

Rama Works M60A Seq2 Milk
Rama Hot-swap
Key Caps
GMK Minimal
Holy Pandas, lubed with Tribosys 3204
Purple Durocks (via NK)
Custom cable by SummitCable

Most of the keyboards I have built have been the result of finding different parts that were available at the time. This build was the first time I purposely set out to acquire a specific set of components.

The board and visible parts are white as snow, but this board is most definitely not a snowflake. 😃. It was milled from a single piece of aluminum and weights about 3lbs 10oz including keycaps/switches (but not including the internal weight/dampener).

For the last couple of months it has been my goto board and has been an absolute joy to use.

The board (as with all Rama's) is Via compatible so setting it up and making some customizations was a snap.

My only minor gripe is the shiny back weight. It is stunning look at, but you do not get to see it since it faces your computer screen. In addition, it is impossible to not have it covered in finger prints. I tried my best to photograph it, but they all came out horrible. 😃

This was my first Rama, but certainly not the last. I regret not getting in on the M65-B or U80-A. Hopefully I can fix that in the coming months.

I have a sound dampener and internal weight on order. Once I have them, I will grab some sound tests of the various states.


Money shot

Integrated plate. Extra weight is on order, because why not?

Floating band-aids

RGB looks nice, but I always turn it off.

I did not have the cable at first, but here is proof.