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THE J-02

Build Facts

Carbon Fiber
Full Isolation Gasket
DB60 with daughterboard
Key Caps
GMK Honeywell
Mauves lubed with 205g0, filmed, and spring swapped with Thic Thock 68g MP
Durock V2

The J-02 has changed my outlook on what a mechanical keyboard can be. It is eerily simple and elegant at the same time.

I usually cycle through keyboards daily, but this has been on my desk since I built it.

Some interesting parts of this board:

To get the full build details, I would recommend checking Jae's build stream.

If you can snag an extra (or stomach the aftermarket prices), you will not be disappointed.

Now the wait for my J-01 Rev 1 begins. 😃


Money shot

The bottom of the case with the acoustic chamber

Brass middle

Adding the mauves to the CF plate

The CF plate sitting on the gaskets

The Nude