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Switch Films: TX vs. Deskey

Deskey films are a new option in the MX switch world. Like other switch films (most notably TX films), they attempt to make the top and bottom housing of the switches fit tighter. The switch films help reduce housing wobble and provide a deeper sound.

The Deskey films try to take this a step further and reduce rattle by acting as a gasket:

The vibration-damping qualities of the gasket switch films quieten and attenuate vibrations of the top housing. (via PrimeKB)

My test case is not an apples to apples comparison. I am comparing two remarkably similar switches, but they are not complete matches, so please keep that in mind.

The switches:

  1. Alpacas + Deskey films lubed with 205g0, which have been string swapped for 73g magically progressive springs (105 on the springs).
  2. Dry Blacks + TX films lubed with 205g0 (and 105 on the springs)

Dry black switches have a spring weight of 72g. Both are JWK switches.

Before doing a blind test, I was pretty confident the TX sounded slightly better. However, I now believe they are equal. The lack of a noticeable sound difference is excellent news because I think the typing feel is somewhat better (softer) with Deskeys (although I have not tested with blindly yet).

You will have to type on both yourself to feel the difference. For sound, just give the following a listen. If one jumps out to you, please let me know.