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Build Facts

Hot-swap + RGB
Key Caps
GMK Paperwork
Gateron Milky Yellow switches lubed with 205g0

The Dimple is a 40% keyboard designed by LazyDesigners.

The original goal as stated on the interest check was to:

Recently I was wondering if it's possible to keep arrow keys and make a hhkb like 40% layout keyboard. The idea is stupid, but I really want to try something interesting. So I designed a 40% HHKB layout. I call it Dimple because it got the HHKB looks but much smaller inner corners.

The Dimple is by far the nicest 40% I have tried. The build quality is excellent. The only minor problem I ran into was the screws on the PCB were not flush mount. I believe this is how it shipped, but I bought mine second hand so I can not be 100% sure.

For the layout, it was undoubtedly usable (I am a big fan now of split space bars), but I have no use for the arrows on anything smaller than 65%.

I love GMK Paperwork. I missed it when it was for sale on Olkb, but got lucky when the person I bought the Dimple from was willing to include it.

For the stabs, I went with Durock's again. They have been great in my limited experience, and they matched the PCB. You cannot go wrong there.

For the switches, I tried Gateron Milky Yellows for the first time. I have used the blacks a couple of times, and they were OK, but the yellows are lovely. The Milky Yellows be the best linear for the money (about $0.23 per switch).


The Beautiful Dimple

Gateron Milky Yellows might be the best switch for the buck

I enjoy a nicely colored PCB. Matching Durock Stabs

Side Profile

The Dimple holds it own when compared to a M60-A