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Alice Style Keyboard Layouts

One thing that caught me off guard during my first build with an Alice style layout was the left bottom row.

At first look, there appear to be many many potential supported layouts. However, there are typically only two layout choices:

Option 1: 1.5u-2.25u-1u

1.5u 2.25u 1u Layout

As far as I can tell, this is the most popular choice. If you choose this option, you will want to make sure you install on your stabilizers and switches in the set of holes on the right.

Install on the Right Side

Option 2: 1.5u-2u-1.25u

1.5u 2u 1.25u Layout

With this layout, you will want to use the stabilizer and switch holes on the left side.

Install on the left side

Which to choose? That is up to you. I would recommend looking at your keycap set and verifying you can support either layout. Typically, if you purchased a spacebar kit, you will have the keycaps for either. Without a spacebar kit (and if your keycap set did not come 2u or 2.25u spacebars), you will likely need to use an extra shift key or the 2u zero key from your numpad (again, assuming you have the keys for a numpad).

Finally, I highly recommend that regardless of what keycaps you have on hand, you test your layout with the PCB and plate installed on your case to be sure your case correctly supports your chosen layout.