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Keyboard Posts

Romeo is a 40% through-hole keyboard kit produced by CFTKB.

I finally had a chance to build my Matrix Labs Noah. It is a 65% keyboard with very clean lines. It is also one of the first Matrix Labs boards to support QMK.

The Dimple is a 40% keyboard designed by LazyDesigners.

The main reason I bought the Rama M60-A was the Jony Ive (all white) build. The initial build turned out great, but after a while, it was starting to feel a bit sterile, so I decided to mix things up a bit.

I was hoping I could use this board to test out some switches on after my failed Tokyo60 experiment.

I recently picked up the Tokyo60 Rev 3 from Drop. I am a big fan of the HHKB layout, loved the blue color, and wanted to find something that I could test new switches in without having to put strain on my M60-A.

Most of the keyboards I have built have been the result of finding different parts that were available at the time. This build was the first time I purposely set out to acquire a specific set of components.

I was searching for a Happy Hacking HHKB on eBay and came across a listing for KBDFans Tofu with an HHKB layout. The board looked to be in good shape and had a price much better the Happy Hacking. I figured it was a good and cheap way to try out the HHKB layout.

The NK65 is NovelKeys entry-level aluminum keyboard. It is an excellent option for your first custom board: