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Hello Indie Triage

Hello Indie Triage

I was navigating around Indie Hackers one day, and I came across this post, Indie Hacker Etiquette: No Post Left Behind.

But I do feel that this is a powerful enough community and could be even stronger in terms of our support system. I have noticed that there are times when people post things – like asking for feedback on their products – or just trying to get an idea about something, and those posts might go unanswered.

I thought it would be interesting to build an app that watched some of my favorite small business1 websites and try to highlight questions that went unanswered.

Thus, Indie Triage was born.

In a nutshell:

  • A couple of times a day, Indie Triage looks for new posts and tracks
  • It tracks the new posts for comments
  • Performs some light spam checking (IH, has a decent spam problem2).
  • Recent posts are displayed in a randomized list
  • Posts are occasionally shared on Twitter
  • Once a day an email is sent to anyone who is interested

I am open to adding additional communities, so if you know of one I missed, please let me know.

When I started, I hoping to be able to pull in more content, but it seems like Indie Hackers and Discuss BootStrapped FM are the last two games in town.

Tech Stack:

  • Rails 5.2 - I am over 40. With any luck, it will be Rails until it is time to retire and then I will rebuild the senior center site in Rails. :). This was also my first time using the new(ish) feature specs in Rails, and they have been a joy.
  • Postgresql - Web Scale!
  • TailwindCSS - this blog and Indie Triage are my first forays into TailWind. Design is still my Achilles heel, but I really enjoy working with it….and if I could get slightly better with Flexbox I will be rolling.
  • Standard - not deployment specific, but I have run most of the code through Standard and like the results. I will miss my terse assignments, but I get why this could be a problem and if I remember correctly, the accident using = instead of == did bite us in the ass once on KickoffLabs.
  1. *cough* Boostrappers ↩︎

  2. If you work on Indie Hackers, please reach out. I have a couple simple suggestions. ↩︎