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Turbolinks and Eleventy (and Static Sites)

With Gatsby, I like the idea of using a React router to make transitioning from page to page as seamless (fast) as possible. However, I could not convince myself overhead, and the complexity of Gatsby was not worth the effort. In the end, I decided to use Eleventy.

Ruby Literals

There are quite a few I was completely unaware of. Ruby still surprises me every day.

πŸ’ Cherry Mx > Gateron

I have tested and compared Gateron Red & Brown vs Cherry Mx Red & Brown on multiple boards and my switch tester. In every case, the Cherry's were far superior in feel.

πŸ”₯QMK ⌨️

I have no clue what it takes to implement QMK on a keyboard. However, after using it on two different keyboards, I find it hard to fathom buying a keyboard that does not have any support for it.


Heard about this on today: Fish shell-like syntax highlighting for Zsh. It is a great way to see errors before you hit enter.

iOS 13 πŸ‘Œ

For all the early rumblings and concerns, I have found this update to be quite nice.

Wins & Losses

β€œDon't let a win get to your head or a loss to your heart”

Select Multiple Fields With Fauna

I am thinking of using Fauna for my next small side project and began experimenting with it last night. I wanted to return two fields from a document, but I could not get the syntax correct. to Blog

Big hat tip to @subdigital for pointing out the iOS Shortcuts app will let you make an HTTP Post. More simple blogging to follow.

Rails Meta Tags

This is a really easy way to consistently implement and set meta tags in your rails apps (title, meta, noindex, open graph, etc).