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Where To Blog In 2019


Questions like this: 'What blogging platform would you recommend?'
are still very common.

I am highly opinionated on the subject, so here is my current line of thinking.

If the thought of doing a git push to publish your posts does not scare
you away, going with a static blog engine is the best solution.

Here is why:

  1. Zero maintenance[1]. There are no databases to manage. No security updates. You just write and push content.
  2. Low costs. Netlify and Github will host your blog for free. Both are honestly almost too good to be true, but for today, it is effectively free quality hosting.
  3. Great tools. Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby, Jigsaw, Statamic, and 100's more. Most are free. Tons of add-ons, themes, plugins, etc.
  4. Performance. Not only is there nothing to maintain, but you also get great performance.

If you are not comfortable with a git push, I would lean towards Ghost. It has an active community and doesn't have the years of baggage you get with Wordpress. Either way, find a quality host so that you can focus on writing and not maintaining your blog.

But in the end, go where ever you will consistently write unless it is Medium. Medium is the wrong choice for 2019. Medium comes with far too much lock-in and a complete lack of control. Medium comes with some easy traffic, but you pay dearly for it in the long run. Seriously, never use Medium. Ever.

  1. Unless of you host on your own server, but with Netlify that is unnecessary in 2019. ↩︎