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The Upcoming Makers Renaissance


I love the lifestyle and freedom of owning my own business and building things that generally interest me. But I have always said I could give it up in a second and work for mega-corp XYZ[1] if that was required to take care of my family.

While I firmly believe we have an obligation to do interesting things if/when possible, I also believe most people are too risk-adverse (both financially and public opinion) to failure to choose this path. Not to mention the fact that raising a family does not leave a lot of time to build and tinker...let alone publish things for others to use.

However, in the coming years we are going to start seeing a lot of people with the skills and desire to be makers have a change in responsibilities. The children are going to be less financially dependent[2]. The family time commitments will also likely lessen. And hopefully, many will start to have more financial independence as well.

I wonder if they will see this as their chance to try something new. If they will see as an opportunity to take a chance. Even more interesting would be a rise in bootstrapped businesses. The cost to start a web business continues to plummet. We could have many more skilled workers, with time, desire, and means....might just be the next small business renaissance as well.

  1. Yes, not all big companies are bad and there are some good reasons to work for some, especially when you want to be part of something at scale. ↩︎

  2. Very carefully saying, kids moving back, etc. I don't think anyone is off the hook for while. ↩︎