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Unlimited Data


We finally broke down and bought my oldest daughter a phone during the summer.

Approximately 2 weeks later, my fixed data plan on Verizon was dead. 😂

At the time Verizon got rid of bigger fixed plans and I was forced to upgrade to an unlimited plan.

I am still not a fan of having to pay more for each (~10/month I think)[1]. However, one great side affect is no longer having to connect to public (even secured)[2] wifi when I am on the go.

  1. I went with the Beyond plan which was another additional $10 to 22 gb of data at the higher connection speed. So far in moderate testing, this might not be necessary since I rarely work in a congested environment. ↩︎

  2. Running everything through Verizon is not the most comforting feeling, but avoiding unsecured Wifi entirely feels worth it. ↩︎