Scott Watermasysk Husband, Father, and KickoffLabs co-founder. Interests: basketball, bootstrapping, keyboards, training, and Building new things

The Setup


What would a new blog be without discussing the setup?

I have a lot of experience when it comes to blogging software. I have personally built/contributed to at least 4 (.Text, Community Server, Graffiti, and Ameba). There have also been other 'ideas' that never made it anywhere.

Besides that, I have tried quite a few others, most recently being Wordpress. Wordpress is something you either love or hate. I know at the end of the day the goal is to get words on the screen, but for me, I find it very draining to use.

I flirted for a couple of seconds with Gatsby, but honestly didn't get it. Then spent a couple of days with Hugo, but ultimately came back to Jekyll. It is battle tested, has been around forever (in internet years), and I have a lot comfortably with it.


This is where it gets interesting. I have been wanting use Netlify and this seemed like the perfect chance. Netlify is a super interesting service and it really feels like they give away too much for free.


For the theme, I didn't want to start from scratch, but I wanted something really simple. After a few false starts, downloaded Type and then really did my best to simplify it.

If you are curious, I left the commit history in place between my fork and the original Type theme.

UPDATE I am now using a semi-custom theme built on Tailwind. On the odd chance, you want to still see and/or use the Type theme, here is a tag of the last commit.

Also Considered