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Simplifying Shorti's Api


If you are not familiar, Shorti is my API only simple URL shortener. The source is on GitHub.

Initially, all of the API endpoints returned JSON. JSON is convenient, and the tools around it are great these days. However, I did notice that in my primary use cases it was adding some unnecessary steps, especially when using it with shell scripts.

Since it is a relatively new project, I thought it was best to fix this now.

I made a change that now checks the HTTP ACCEPT header. If it is application/json, the API will return JSON. If it is anything else, it will return plain text.

  def is_json_request?
request.accept == "application/json"

What is nice is that you can now simply do something like this:

 curl -d "url=" | pipe_some_where

Also of interest, respond_to is not available by default in a Rails API project. I am sure there is a way to retroactively add it, but for now I went with something simple.