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TIL: Setting Kramdown Options for Jekyll


Kramdown is the default (and preferred) markdown processor for Jekyll.

For footnotes[1] it renders “↩” (U+21A9) which just doesn't look great on OS X[2]. Thankfully you can configure Kramdown to use something else U+21A9 U+FE0E[3].

Despite a laundry list of support options listed on the Jekyll site, there was not any details on how to set one of the configuration overrides. After a few guesses, I got it set up properly. Just add the following (and another other options you want) to your _config.yml file:

markdown: kramdown
footnote_backlink: "↩︎"

  1. This is an example ↩︎

  2. Still looks horrible on FireFox ↩︎

  3. Hat tip to bdesham for the proper character sequence ↩︎